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May 2016


I was asked to put together a short piece for Kudos magazine on plastic surgery coming into summer.  Plastic surgery can be seasonal!  This is true!  While some procedure requests are constant all year round, we see peak times for others.  For example, facelifts are more popular in autumn and winter while otoplasty (ear reshaping) in children peaks during school holidays.

Springtime is here now and our thoughts are starting to turn towards warmer weather and summer holidays.  I always see an increase in requests for breast and body contouring surgery at this time of year. Summer is getting close but there is still time to recover from surgery before the holiday season begins.

The trend is for natural looking results that look good and improve body confidence but that do not look “operated on” or overdone.   This is so much better than the much maligned, traditional perception of plastic surgery creating fake, unnatural appearances.  Nowadays the emphasis is on a fresh, natural look and with modern techniques, the old telltale signs are no longer obvious.

People are starting to think about getting “beach-ready”.  In spite of best attempts at diet and exercise, stubborn areas of fat or loose skin can persist especially around the tummy and hips.  Abdominoplasty (tummy-tuck) and liposuction surgery can treat this very effectively and recreate smooth and trim contours.

For breast surgery, I see women for breast enlargements, breast lifts and breast reductions.   My priorities are to achieve a natural breast shape and the body proportions and confidence that my patients wish for.

Skin care is the other area that I see a rise in enquiries for.  Everyone wants to look at their best on holiday but the sun can play havoc with our skin.  I always advise using sun protection, as it is so important for the future of your skin.  As well as helping to prevent skin cancers, protecting your skin from the sun is one of the best anti-ageing treatments that you can do for your face.  To rejuvenate skin and deal with pigmentation and texture problems, I also prescribe medical grade skin care treatments.  These courses are best done before the weather gets too sunny and well in advance of any sun holidays.