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Neuroma Excision

When a nerve has been damaged (either cut or bruised or caught in scar tissue), it can form a swelling called a neuroma. This is where the nerve has attempted to repair itself and “sprouted” new fibres. These have not been able to grow normally and form the neuroma. If close to the surface, knocks to or sometimes even light touch of the area can be extremely painful and unpleasant.

Neuromas can be excised and if possible the nerve ends repaired together. Sometimes a nerve graft is required to bridge the graft. If this is not possible, the nerve end can be buried into deeper tissue to relieve the pain. Relocating the nerve end to deeper tissue removes it from the surface so it is away form points of contact where it can be knocked. It does not restore the original function of the nerve e.g. it can leave an area of numbness on the skin.