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Repair Split Earlobes

Split earlobes can happen after wearing heavy earrings over a long period of time or when an earring gets caught or pulled and the ear piercing splits through the earlobe. The appearance of a split earlobe can be something you are very self conscious about. Split earlobes can be easily repaired under local anaesthetic. The edges of the earlobe are sutured back together to restore the orginal shape of the earlobe.

A similar technique is used to restore the orginal form of earlobes after earlobe stretching, although it can be more challenging in extreme cases.

It is possible to repierce ears after this surgery although I advise waiting at least 6 months if not longer and choosing a slightly different location for the piercing. Of course if the problem has been caused by heavy earrings, it is also advisable not to continue wearing heavy jewellery.