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Scar Revision

In the early stages of scar healing, techniques such as scar moisturisation and massage and the use of topical silicone ointments and gels can help the scar to soften and settle quicker. When the scar is mature (12 to 24 months after happening), the final appearance can be assessed.

While it is generally not possible to remove a scar completely, it may be feasible to improve the appearance and reduce the impact it is having. This could be by resuturing the scar or by changing the direction or length. The exact technique will depend on the type and location of the scar.

Sometimes people develop hypertrophic or keloid scars. These are scars which are bigger and lumpier than expected and can be very difficult to treat. Treatments such as steroid injections and pressure garments (elasticated garments to wear on top of the scar) can be helpful. Surgery and occasionally radiotherapy can be helpful in some circumstances but require careful assessment first as surgery can exacerbate this problem.