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Trends in Cosmetic Surgery in 2018

Feb 2018


As we go into 2018, we will see a continuation of the trends seen in cosmetic surgery over the last year. More and more people are considering cosmetic surgery to enhance their appearance and improve their confidence. 

The rise in demand for local anaesthetic and day case cosmetic procedures will continue. Many patients are looking for procedures that can be done under local anaesthesia such as local anaesthetic (awake surgery) facelifts, eyelid lifts and ear reshaping. This allows very safe surgery with quicker recovery times.

I have noticed in my practice that the demand for very large breast implants is definitely down and now most women are looking for an enhanced but very natural appearance from breast augmentation surgery. Using 3D imagery and simulation of implant appearances before surgery is really helping my patients to make the best choice for themselves. I encourage women to aim for a natural appearance after surgery, and if considering breast implants to choose a style that fits in with their natural body proportions. Many women also choose to undergo body contouring surgery at the same time such as tummy tucks to restore abdominal contour after pregnancies and weight loss.

While the trend in breast surgery is smaller, the opposite is true for bottoms! The Brazilian Butt Lift will continue to be popular into 2018. While demand in the UK has not reached the levels seen in the US, it is on the increase. This is when fat is liposuctioned from areas such as the tummy and thighs and transferred into the bottom to create a fuller, curvier behind.